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At STBbrackets we export 400 different Bang & Olufsen compatible brackets and accessories designed for BeoPlay and Bang & Olufsen products and ship to more than 50 countries Worldwide!

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  • 19inch Rack Mount

    19inch Rack Mount

    We have added a flat front '5U' rack mount which can be used with our other rack mount products. Many of the Bang & Olufsen dealers involved in custom installation have requested this part.

  • Beautiful Wall Bracket for BeoSound 35

    Beautiful Wall Bracket for BeoSound 35

    Perfect bracket to hide cables and replace BeoLab 3500 in existing installations. AVAILABLE for delivery from 16th May.

  • BeoLab 17 Wall Bracket - Correct Logo

    BeoLab 17 Wall Bracket - Correct Logo

    Now available in BLACK ! The Bang & Olufsen logo is presented correctly (not inverted) and is clearly readable with new wall mount. 

  • BeoRemote One - Magnetic Bracket

    BeoRemote One - Magnetic Bracket

    Wall bracket for BeoRemote One has been designed by STBbrackets in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen product development 

  • BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium

    BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium

    BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium has been created by fusing the light refreshing odour of red anodising fluid with the dark essence of boiling aluminium. Your Bang & Olufsen store will have a very new fiery red glow and an amazing new smell.

  • 2 Discontinued brackets, available again

    2 Discontinued brackets, available again

    You have asked us to remake our close fitting, solid aluminium wall brackets for BeoVision 7 55 and BeoVision 7 40.

Wall brackets and stands for Bang & Olufsen

STBbrackets are specialist designers and manufacturers of wall brackets, stands and accessories for Bang & Olufsen. Always at the leading edge of design and integration, we offer niche and custom mounting solutions that allow the global B&O distribution to complete installations in customer’s homes. Although 93% of our sales are direct ‘Business to Business’ to Bang & Olufsen dealers, we also supply end users directly through this website, with brackets for current and also historic Bang & Olufsen products.

Our association with Bang & Olufsen as an approved dealer began in 1983, with our first officially authorised bracket being sold in 2000. 2015 was a record sales year at STB with the design and development of some excellent new solutions for BeoVision Avant, BeoSound Essence and BeoSound Moment. We continue to innovate new designs to accommodate developments for new technologies incorporated into accessory devices, including Blu-ray players, decoder boxes and new games consoles.

The depth of our range for older B&O products has been strengthened by adding brackets for BeoSound 5,  BeoLab 4000, BeoLab6000, BeoLab8000BeoSound 9000BeoSound 1, and BeoSound 3000/3200