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Wall mount Apple TV with Bang & Olufsen

Order Code Price  
Bracket-p-Apple 2015 - Plate 2015 Apple TV for System 9 £56.00   BUY 
Bracket-p-Apple 2010 - Plate Apple TV 2010 for System 9 £56.00   BUY 
Bracket-a-90 - Adapter 90 degree side mount £35.00   BUY 
Bracket-c-1 - Clamp for BV14, BV11, BV10, BV7 & BV6 26 £80.00   BUY 
Bracket-c-2 - Clamp for Gold Beovision 7 £90.00   BUY 
Bracket-c-51 - Clamp for BC6 23, Ceiling Mount & Floor Mount £80.00   BUY 

Apple TV wall bracket with Bang & Olufsen

Use the Product Configuration Tool to help select the correct brackets for your installation.

System 9 uses a clamp and plate to mount equipment to the Bang & Olufsen TV stand pole.

Apple TV has become a popular accessory to Bang & Olufsen TVs and this bracket allows Apple TV to be mounted to the rear of all BeoVision and BeoCenter TVs, either by mounting to the wall, or to the rear of the TV or to the motor stand using our clamp system. Several versions are available and so you should ensure that the correct model is ordered.


Bracket-c-1 Silver clamp for stands with a 55mm pole:
Bracket-c-2 Gold clamp for stands with a 55mm pole:

  BeoVision 10 46
  BeoVision 10 40
  BeoVision 10 32
  BeoVision 7 55
  BeoVision 7 40
  BeoVision 7 32
  BeoVision 6 26
  BeoCenter 6 26

Bracket-c-51 a 51mm clamp for stands with a 51mm pole:

  BeoCenter 6 23
  BeoVision 6 22
  All STB ceiling mounts
  STB Floor & Table mount for BeoVision 4 50

Plates: hrule

  Bracket-p-55 for Decoder boxes 30mm - 135mm high
  Bracket-p-Apple 2010 for Apple TV 2010
  Bracket-p-BR1 for Samsung P4600 Blu Ray player
  Bracket-p-BS5 for BeoMaster 5 & BeoMedia 1
  Bracket-p-MacMini for Apple Mac Mini
  Bracket-p-PS3 for Sony PlayStation3 (original)
  Bracket-p-PS3-s for Sony PlayStation 3 Slim
  Bracket-p-Wii for Nintendo Wii
  Bracket-p-Xbox for Xbox 360

Adapters: hrule

An adapter is sometimes used to allow more equipment to be mounted.


is a 90 degree adapter for use with Clamp 1 (Bracket-c-1) or Clamp 51 (Bracket-c-51). Bracket-a-90 allows a plate to be mouted at 90 degrees to the pole, (to the side of the pole) rather than behind the pole. Two Bracket-a-90 and therefore two plates can be mounted to one Clamp.

Use the Product Configuration Tool to help select the correct brackets for your installation.