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Magno-GYRO 3000

New for A9.... This is a new product concept from STB's super engineers. The Anti-gravity self-stabilising bracket has been designed especially for BeoPlay A9 and is compatible with the Beo4 and Beo6. How does it work....? ------------------------------------- We simply harness the power of the Earth's magnetic core and combine this with our ow...

BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium

BeoFresh is a new showroom fragrance produced by STBbrackets working directly with Bang & Olufsen in Denmark. BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium has been created by fusing the light refreshing odour of red anodising fluid with the dark essence of boiling aluminium. Your Bang & Olufsen store will have a very new fiery red glow and an ama...
Price £3.00