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TViX Digital Jukebox

TViX Digital Jukebox is a popular High definition storage device which is popular in the B&O retail store and at product placements. The ability to replay relevant HD images is advantageous in both of these locations. With the TViX being available for PUC control, this device has also become popular with retail customers. TViX M6500N Our pla...
Price £36.00

BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium

BeoFresh is a new showroom fragrance produced by STBbrackets working directly with Bang & Olufsen in Denmark. BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium has been created by fusing the light refreshing odour of red anodising fluid with the dark essence of boiling aluminium. Your Bang & Olufsen store will have a very new fiery red glow and an ama...
Price £3.00