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Bespoke Custom Brackets for Bang & Olufsen BeoVision

Bang & Olufsen customised brackets solutions.......

Custom Alterations for Bang & Olufsen Bespoke TV brackets, custom install TV brackets and bespoke mounting solutions for specifiers, designers and architects working with TV and audio. 

Our products meet exacting design standards and offer unique install solutions not available with original bracketry. It is often a challenging time in the CUSTOM INSTALLSPECIAL PRODUCTS area as our clients pose challenging questions to our design engineers. Please contact us if you have a bespoke requirement for a custom install bracket, we may already have something on the drawing board from a previous contract, or we may even have the item you require available from the STB Custom Install range.

We are often asked for a unique "one off" or custom built item tailored to individual needs. Whilst we cannot guarantee to be able to meet your requirements, we pride ourselves on being responsive to your requirements. It should be noted that we are not always able to offer bespoke solutions for discontinued audio or video products. 

The majority of our solutions are conceived internally, or are sometimes replacements of original parts which Denmark has discontinued, there are some items in the range which have resulted directly because a dealer has asked us to make a special.

You like our products so much, that we are often asked to make special products for TV's from Loewe, Panasonic and Samsung as well as B&O. If you have a mounting problem for any make of TV, please contact us by email.