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BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium

BeoFresh is a new showroom fragrance produced by STBbrackets working directly with Bang & Olufsen in Denmark.

BeoFresh - the Smell of Hot Aluminium has been created by fusing the light refreshing odour of red anodising fluid with the dark essence of boiling aluminium. Your Bang & Olufsen store will have a very new fiery red glow and an amazing new smell.

Its April 1st - What did you expect

BeoFresh is a talking point and it is scientifically proven to increase sales. 7% of our test customers agreed they might stay in a "BeoFresh Store" longer than a normal B&O store because the smell of normal TVs and speakers is not that exciting, when compared to Hot Aluminium

BeoFresh is 100% Unisex; it drives men crazy and it drives women crazy. One of the specialists at STB said the fragrance definitely sent his wife 'a bit crazy', but she was already 'a lot crazy', so we are not sure. He's an idiot anyway, and we don't know why he is still here !

BeoFresh is like nothing you have ever experienced before and it is available for a very limited time (we will have stock for approximately 24 hours).

Please note: if you remove the glowing red cap from the container, the intense freshness can be very over powering.....