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Complete Bracket & Adapter for existing installations

Order Code Price  
Eclipse Pull & Rotate - Complete Bracket 65 Silver Speaker £1120.00   BUY 
Eclipse Pull & Rotate - Complete Bracket 55 Silver Speaker £940.00   BUY 
Eclipse 65 REAR COVER SET - Left & Right £25.00   BUY 
Eclipse Pull & Rotate - Adapter Small £450.00   BUY 
Eclipse Pull & Rotate - Adapter Medium £450.00   BUY 
Eclipse Pull & Rotate - Adapter Large £450.00   BUY 

BeoVision Eclipse Pull & Rotate - Complete Solution & Adapter

The Eclipse Pull & Rotate - Complete Bracket is available in two sizes. The bracket gives the ability to bring Eclipse forwards to allow for rotation or connection of cables. It is the perfect solution when mounting Eclipse with an opening. Dimensions are shown on the Data Sheets.

Eclipse Pull & Rotate Adapter. 
This adapter allows you to convert an existing Pull & Rotate bracket designed for older Bang & Olufsen televisions which are installed in the homes of your customers. The adapter is supplied complete with a replacement pole and TV mount. It is designed for BeoVision Eclipse 55 and 65.

Note: If you are mounting Eclipse 65" please order 'Eclipse 65 rear cover set'.

We have been making the Pull & Rotate since 2003 (BeoVision 4-37"). There are lots of installations which can be upgraded to Eclipse. Please order the correct size adapter.

Eclipse Pull & Rotate Adapter Small
BeoPlay V1-32
BeoPlay V1-40
BeoVision 7-32
BeoVision 7-40
BeoVision 10-40
BeoVision 10-46
BeoVision 11-40
BeoVision 11-46
BeoVision 14-40
BeoVision 14-46
BeoVision Horizon 40
BeoVision Horizon 48

Eclipse Pull & Rotate Adapter Medium
BeoVision 4-37
BeoVision 4-42
BeoVision 4-50

Eclipse Pull & Rotate Adapter Large
BeoVision 4-65
BeoVision 7-55
BeoVision 12-65
BeoVision Avant 75
BeoVision Avant 85