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BeoVision Harmony Decoder & Accessory Bracket

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STB300 - Box mount for BeoVision Harmony £186.00   BUY 

Accessory boxes for BeoVision Harmony

For Wall Bracket and Floor Stand

Mount decoders to the rear of BeoVision Harmony with the most flexible solution STB has produced. STB300 is designed to mount boxes in a range of heights between 15 & 85mm. There is no limit to width of a single box and it is possible to mount a number of devices with a total width of 650mm. 

The boxes are mounted above the upper moving part of the TV rear assembly. Boxes do not add extra depth and so we can use STB300 with BeoVision Harmony mounted to the floor stand or the wall bracket. Because the boxes are positioned above the connection panel, installation is simplified and the need for special long cables is eliminated.