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Wall Bracket for BeoVision Harmony

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BeoVision Harmony - Gypsum Wall plate £400.00   BUY 

BeoVision Harmony Gypsum Wall Plate

This plate for BeoVision Harmony wall bracket is used on difficult installations where the B&O wall bracket cannot be used on its own. It is the perfect addition when a partition wall is made of vertical wood supports and plaster. It is also a good solution on a poor quality conventional wall where additional fixing points are needed for safety.

The BeoVision Harmony Gypsum Wall Plate is hidden when Harmony opens and closes, your customer will not see the bracket.

It is designed for use on 300mm, 400mm and 16” wall construction, where you are guaranteed to be able to screw into a vertical on both sides of the bracket as shown in the images. This allows the customer to choose any position on the wall for BeoVision Harmony.

Bang & Olufsen wall bracket is NOT included with BeoVision Harmony Gypsum Wall Plate. You will order and supply the B&O wall bracket for your installation directly from Bang & Olufsen.