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LG turning TV stand with B&O soundbar

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VESA Horizon adapter - B&O Original Stands £180.00   BUY 
BeoSound Stage Adapter - Horizon Stand £180.00   BUY 

LG / VESA Adapter for BeoVision Horizon Vertical & Wheel Stand

  • Adapter for customer's stand
  • LG OLED TVs : CX / C9 - 55" 48" 
  • VESA 300 x 200 compatible 
  • Screen angle - Fixed 3.8 degrees 
  • Optional : Speaker mount for BeoSound Stage 
  • Optional : Decoder and accessory mount option

Mount LG OLED TV or other manufacturer TV's with VESA 300 x 200 (ONLY) to your Bang & Olufsen Vertical stand or Wheel stand with this solution.

VESA Horizon adapter for LG CX & C9 - 55"/ 48"  
This VESA adapter is for customers replacing BeoVision Horizon with LG OLED televisions from the CX & C9 range or other VESA 300 x 200 Televisions. Our VESA conversion for Horizon stands is designed for the original Bang & Olufsen turning stand and also the original Bang & Olufsen wheel stand. The fixed angle of the TV screen is set by the original B&O stand.

BeoSound Stage Adapter - Horizon Stand
This interface adapter is used to mount BeoSound Stage to your existing Horizon stand. The design of the adapter allows Stage to be mounted at the recommended distance of 50mm below the LG / VESA TV. It is possible to move BeoSound Stage higher to reduce the space between the soundbar and TV if you want to.

Decoders and other Electronics
TV decoders, games consoles and other accessories can be mounted to the rear of this stand using STB system 9. Use the STBbrackets Configuration Tool and select Horizon Floor Stand.