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CD player for Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment

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CD Moment - CD Player for BeoSound Moment £650.00   BUY 
CD Moment Cover Plate - Accessory for CD Moment £35.00   BUY 
9 Volt extension cable (2 meter) - Accessory for CD Moment £15.00   BUY 

CD Moment

CD Moment for Bang & Olufsen

CD Moment is the CD Player for BeoSound Moment designed by STB in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen in Struer. The design concept adds to the profile of BeoSound Moment to give a visually integrated presentation. In addition to free standing on top of furniture, the CD player includes a wall mounting rear feature which allows direct wall mounting of CD Moment and BeoSound Moment.

The player is compatible with all BeoSound Moment since the product was launched and so is perfect for customers who want to use their CD collection.

Operation is manual with control buttons for track change on the side of the player and a display which can be seen on the rear wall mount. There is no remote control function.

Weight 2.2 kg

Download High Resolution images here

Optional - CD Moment Cover Plate
CD Moment Cover Plate is used ONLY when CD Moment is wall mounted. The increased size of this cover plate (120 [w] x 107 [h] mm) allows you to cover a standard cable outlet box with dimensions up to 85 x 85mm. By covering the outlet box, it is possible to bring cables for CD moment and BeoSound Moment from the wall in a visually appealing way.

Note: it is important that you comply with local safety regulations and standards when you install this plate with CD Moment.

Optional - 9 Volt extension cable (2 meter)
The 9 Volt Power Supply (100-240Volt) has a 1.5meter cable which be extended to a maximum length of 3.5 meters using the optional 9 Volt extension cable (2 meter) The PSU has plugs for 2 pin European Schuko and 3 pin UK sockets

Technical specifications

Playback Formats                       CD, CD-R, CD-RW

Loading mechanism                   front mounted slot load

Control - manual buttons          Side mounted, 5 button array

Frequency response                   22Hz — 19.8kHz, -0.3dB

Noise floor                                    96dB / 1V

Total Harmonic Distortion         <0.012%

D/A converter                               96kHz (24Bit) 8-times oversampling

Standby power consumption     < 1 watt

Active power consumption         1500mA maximum (9 Volt DC)

Complete with power supply      9V/2000mA DC (110-240 Volt AC)

Power Supply Cable                      1.5 meter 

CD Moment er CD-afspilleren til BeoSound Moment designet af STB i samarbejde med B&O i Struer. Design konceptet er at tilføjer CD Moment som har samme profilen som BeoSound Moment for at give en visuelt integreret præsentation.

CD-afspilleren indeholder en vægmonteret bagsidefunktion, som muliggør direkte vægmontering af CD Moment og BeoSound Moment.

Betjeningen er manuel med kontrolknapper på afspillerens side og et display, der kan ses på bagvægsbøsningen. Der er ingen fjernbetjeningsfunktion.