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Wall Bracket for BeoVision 4 65

Order Code Price  
BV4 65 PR - Pull & Rotate Wall Mount for BV4 65 (ONLY) £1025.00   BUY 
BV4 65 PR 7.2 - Pull & Rotate Wall Mount for BV4 65 & BL7.2 £1150.00   BUY 
BV4 65 PR 10 - Pull & Rotate Wall Mount for BV4 65 & BL10 £1170.00   BUY 
BL10 RS 65 - BeoLab 10 Speaker Support 65 £125.00   BUY 

BeoVision 4 65 : Pull & Rotate

Custom install pull and rotate wall mount for BeoVision 4 65 plasma updated to include BeoLab 10. This unique wall bracket allows the Plasma display to be pulled from the wall and rotated by up to 40 degrees.

It is therefore possible for the Bang & Olufsen Plasma TV to be positioned in the corner of a room and then adjusted manually for the optimum viewing angle. We have three speaker mounting options available to allow the location of BeoLab 7.2 or BeoLab 10 under the screen. With this mounting, the centre speaker rotates at the same time as the Plasma screen and so the audio intelligibility of the system is retained.

In Wall Custom Installation
This bracket is the perfect solution when BeoVision 4 65 is to be mounted within the wall as can be seen on the images. All connections can be made to the rear of the TV and then the screen is pushed back to rest in the correct position within the opening. We have manufactured an adjustable accessory to ensure that when the screen is pushed back, it rests at the correct position and is not angled to one side or the other. Plasma Stop 75 is supplied as a pair and fits invisibly to the bracket.

Installation Upgrade for BeoLab 10
All of our Pull and Rotate brackets for BeoVision 4-42", 50" & 65" can be upgraded to include BeoLab 10. Customers with older speakers can therefore upgrade to BeoLab 10 by ordering the 10 RS 65 below. Installation is simple and can be completed whilst the Plasma is mounted to the Pull & Rotate.

BV4 65 PR : For BeoVision 4 65 ONLY
BV4 65 PR 7.2 : For BeoVision 4 65 & BeoLab 7.2
BV4 65 PR 10 : For BeoVision 4 65 & BeoLab 10
10 RS 65 : For BeoLab 10 Speaker ONLY Used to upgrade an existing installation

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