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BeoVision 4 85 Custom in-wall bracket

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BV4 85 PR - Pull & Rotate Wall Mount for BV4 85 £1620.00   BUY 

BeoVision 4 85 : Pull & Rotate

Custom install pull and rotate wall mount for BeoVision 4 85 plasma. This unique wall bracket allows the Plasma display to be pulled from the wall and rotated by up to 22 degrees.

In Wall Custom Installation
The main use of this bracket is to allow the BeoVision 4 85 Plasma to be built into a custom wall. The bracket allows the Plasma to be pulled forwards so that connections can be made at the rear of the panel. Forward movement of a maximum 370mm allows access to the rear. Because it is possible to turn the screen, connecting the panel is simplified. Please Note: when the BeoVision 4 85 panel is mounted within a custom wall, the space behind the panel must be air conditioned to stop overheating. Locating the BeoVision 4 85 in a closed, confined space will create overheating and damage the plasma.

BV4 85 PR : For BeoVision 4 85 ONLY