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PermaLink BT-RL - Video Terminal '86 £425.00   BUY 
PermaLink BT-RL - 5 meter extension £96.00   BUY 
PermaLink BT-RL - Upgrade kit for 7xxx £160.00   BUY 

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PermaLink BT-RL- Video Terminal '86 is physically paired to BeoVision Eclipse using a 4 meter permanent electrical connection to deliver a secure BlueTooth-RedLine control function, and unparalleled confidence in user operation. PermaLink BT-RL has been designed to ensure that the customer experience is fast and reliable, and by eliminating delays in the control system interface, improves the viewing experience by up to 103.72291%.

PermaLink BT-RL is compatible with all versions of BeoVision Eclipse and BeoVision Horizon.

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By connecting directly to the HDMI port in BeoVision and trailing the special RedLine-BT permanent electrical connection across the floor, it is incredibly easy to find PermaLink BT-RL and take control of BeoVision – you will never "lose it" ever again. In addition, a 5 meter extension cable is available to allow for larger screen sizes and greater viewing distances.

Based on the original RedLine speaker cables, the RedLine-BT connection was developed in secret by the engineers in Struer back in 1986, but there was never a real use for this advanced technology until now. STB have enhanced the internal communication architecture to create a solution which is as good now, as it was back in the 1980's !

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PermaLink BT-RL - Video Terminal '86 is sold as a complete solution to enhance and restore the viewing pleasure of Bang & Olufsen owners and is unique in the AV market. No other TV system operates with a physical command interface. It is also available as an upgrade kit for existing versions of BeoVision Video Terminal 7xxx.

If it doesn't work or you can't find it - the answer is here - PermaLink BT-RL from STBbrackets, Bang & Olufsen's preferred partner for brackets, stands and useful little bits.

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No children were harmed making this product. Special thanks to Lance Hopley, Morten Kristensen, Inty Youssaf and Edgar Fernbach.