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BeoSound Core

BeoSound Core

We have a range of solutions to allow you to mount BeoSound Core onto the rear of a Bang & Olufsen TV or directly to the wall. BeoVision Horizon - Bracket-p-Core-3 BeoVision Avant 55 - Bracket-p-Core-3 BeoVision Avant 75 - Bracket-p-Core-5 BeoVision Avant 85 - Bracket-p-Core-5 BeoVision 14 / 11 / 10 - Bracket-p-Core-1 Directly on a wall...
Price £108.00

19 inch Rack Mount sliding tray

The rack mount system is designed to allow custom installation mounting of Bang & Olufsen hardware into a 5U sliding tray, with an attractive aluminium front. Please read the datasheet for dimensions. Bracket-19 - 5U rack mount is a flat front shelf, supplied complete with a 19" sliding tray. It is 5U high and designed to accept up to 5 no....
Price £432.00