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Brackets, Stands and Accessories for BeoPlay V1 32

BeoRemote One - Wall Bracket

Wall bracket for BeoRemote One has been designed by STBbrackets in collaboration with the Bang & Olufsen product development team in Denmark. The design gives an elegant mounting option for BeoRemote One. BeoRemote One Wall Bracket is a magnetic solution which holds the remote control securely to the wall. The ‘floating’ design...
Price £44.00

BeoPlay V1 VTS : Vertical Table Stand

The vertical table stand for BeoPlay V1 is designed to make the TV screen vertical when placed on top of a piece of furniture or inside a cabinet. The heavy counterweight at the rear of the TV is designed to allow cables to pass from behind or under the V1. Supplied with adjustment feet to ensure a true vertical TV image. The vertical side arm...
Price £385.00

BeoPlay V1 RTS : Rotating Table Stand

Rotating Table Stand for BeoPlay V1 has been designed to give the TV screen a vertical position whilst also allowing screen rotation of 360 degrees. The compact foot print of the base is perfect for positioning BeoPlay V1 on a narrow piece of furniture when the customer wishes to turn the screen. The vertical side arms and the circular base are...
Price £475.00

Toshiba Bluray for Bang & Olufsen

Select the correct bracket for your installation from the Configuration Tool Toshiba BDX5500 4K Bluray player for Bang & Olufsen will vertically mount directly to the rear of BeoVision Avant 55, 75 & 85, BeoVision 11/10 or BeoPlay V1. It is the perfect replacement now that the Panasonic BBT-01 and Samsung ES7000 are hard t...
Price £80.00

BeoPlay V1 : Close Wall Bracket

BeoPlay V1 Close has been designed to allow you to mount BeoPlay V1 32 & 40 to a gypsum dry wall or a wall that is not of solid construction. We have incorporated fixings to line up with 300mm, 400mm, 620mm, 16" and 24" vertical fixing points within a hollow wall. As an extra feature, you can slide the bracket sideways along h...
Price £220.00

BeoPlay V1 32 : System 9

The Configuration Tool will select the correct solutions for your installation. There are two clamp options for BeoPlay V1 32". The vertical clamp Bracket-c-13 is used for all TV stand and wall bracket options where the V1 is mounted vertically. The clamp replaces the plastic cable cover on the rear of the cabinet. When V1 32&q...
Price £78.00

Samsung Blu-ray for BeoPlay V1

Samsung Blu-ray player BD-ES7000 or BD-D7500 can be mounted directly to the rear of BeoPlay V1 with Bracket-p-BR15. Samsung Blu-ray player BD-ES5000 or BD-ES6000 can be mounted directly to the rear of BeoPlay V1 with Bracket-p-BR20. This attractive aluminium bracket is designed for use with the original B&O angled floor stand and als...
Price £80.00