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Wall mounts & brackets for BeoVision 7 40

System 9 - Decoder, accessory and Blu-ray mounting

System 9 System 9 uses a clamp and plate to mount equipment to the Bang & Olufsen TV stand pole. Use the Product Configuration Tool to help select the correct brackets for your installation. Clamps: Bracket-c-1 Silver clamp for stands with a 55mm pole: Bracket-c...
Price £150.00

BeoVision 7 40 : Pull & Rotate

Pull and Rotate wall mount for Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 40. This unique solution allows extension and turning the Bang & Olufsen LCD display and BeoLab 7. Both the TV and Speaker are pulled from the wall and rotated by up to 45 degrees to either the left or the right. It is therefore possible for the TV to be positioned (or parked)...
Price £885.00

BeoVision 7 40 : Close Mount Bracket

Close wall bracket for Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 40. This fixed position solution minimises the distance that the Bang & Olufsen 40" LCD TV is located from the wall. This should be specified when there is limited space for the TV and there is no requirement to rotate or tilt the screen. The rear of the TV cabinet is positioned 28mm from th...
Price £220.00