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Brackets and solutions for BeoVision Avant 75 & 85

BeoRemote One - Wall Bracket

Wall bracket for BeoRemote One has been designed by STBbrackets in collaboration with the Bang & Olufsen product development team in Denmark. The design gives an elegant mounting option for BeoRemote One. BeoRemote One Wall Bracket is a magnetic solution which holds the remote control securely to the wall. The ‘floating’ design...
Price £53.00

Close bracket BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 : Fixed position & Marine

Avant 75 / 85 Close - 0 degree Close BracketFixed position, 0 degree close wall bracket for BeoVision Avant 75 or BeoVision Avant 85 has been designed to position Avant as close to the wall as possible - the TV screen is 137mm from the wall. Be aware that installing the cables will be difficult when you use this solution because there is no space...
Price £954.00

BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 : Pull & Rotate

Custom install pull & rotate wall mount for BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 is based upon the successful pull and rotate used for BeoVision 12 65" and BeoVision 4 85". The concept is that the bracket moves forwards and backwards, allowing the screen to rotate when pulled away from the wall. Avant 75" - Maximum rotation is 32 degrees to the left an...
Price £1602.00

Panasonic Bluray for Bang & Olufsen : DMP BBT-01

BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 - rear of cabinet Panasonic Blu-ray player BBT-01 can be mounted directly to the rear of BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 with Bracket-p-BR34. The bracket locates the Blu-ray player in a high location on the rear of the TV for easy disc loading. BeoVision Avant 55 - rear of cabinet Panasonic Blu-ray player BBT-01 can be...
Price £80.00

Toshiba Bluray for Bang & Olufsen

Select the correct bracket for your installation from the Configuration Tool Toshiba BDX5500 4K Bluray player for Bang & Olufsen will vertically mount directly to the rear of BeoVision Avant 55, 75 & 85, BeoVision 11/10 or BeoPlay V1. It is the perfect replacement now that the Panasonic BBT-01 and Samsung ES7000 are hard t...
Price £80.00