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Brackets and solutions for BeoVision Avant 75 & 85

Philips BDP3290 Blu-ray with Bang & Olufsen

Philips BDP3290 ( & BDP3210) Bluray player for Bang & Olufsen will vertically mount directly to the rear of BeoVision Eclipse, BeoVision Horizon, BeoVision Avant, BeoVision 14 / 11 / 10. The player can be vertically mounted and operates using the PUC codes for Philips BDP-9600 BeoVision Eclipse 55 & 65 with Philips BDP3290 or BDP321...
Price £80.00

BeoRemote One - Wall Bracket

Wall bracket for BeoRemote One has been designed by STBbrackets in collaboration with the Bang & Olufsen product development team in Denmark. The design gives an elegant mounting option for BeoRemote One. BeoRemote One Wall Bracket is a magnetic solution which holds the remote control securely to the wall. The ‘floating’ design...
Price £44.00

Close bracket BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 : Fixed position & Marine

Avant 75 / 85 Close - 0 degree Close BracketFixed position, 0 degree close wall bracket for BeoVision Avant 75 or BeoVision Avant 85 has been designed to position Avant as close to the wall as possible - the TV screen is 137mm from the wall. Be aware that installing the cables will be difficult when you use this solution because there is no space...
Price £795.00

BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 : Pull & Rotate

Custom install pull & rotate wall mount for BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 is based upon the successful pull and rotate used for BeoVision 12 65" and BeoVision 4 85". The concept is that the bracket moves forwards and backwards, allowing the screen to rotate when pulled away from the wall. Avant 75" - Maximum rotation is 32 degrees to the left an...
Price £1335.00

BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 : Decoder solutions

Beautiful new clamp system for BeoVision Avant 75" and Avant 85" The popular clamp and plate system which was launched by STB since 2007, has been redesigned for Avant and allows the aluminium covers on the rear cabinet to remain in place giving an attractive appearance. Accessory boxes float in front of the aluminium covers offering an attracti...
Price £140.00

BeoVision Avant Cable Wand 1

This cable management solution for BeoVision Avant gives a magic solution for sagging cables :-) To allow the planet stand to rotate to the front position, the installation engineer must specify and install long cables. Unfortunately, these long cables can hang below the bottom of the Avant TV screen when the planet stand is positioned close to...
Price £50.00

Panasonic Bluray for Bang & Olufsen : DMP BBT-01

BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 - rear of cabinet Panasonic Blu-ray player BBT-01 can be mounted directly to the rear of BeoVision Avant 75 & 85 with Bracket-p-BR34. The bracket locates the Blu-ray player in a high location on the rear of the TV for easy disc loading. BeoVision Avant 55 - rear of cabinet Panasonic Blu-ray player BBT-01 can be...
Price £80.00

Toshiba Bluray for Bang & Olufsen

Select the correct bracket for your installation from the Configuration Tool Toshiba BDX5500 4K Bluray player for Bang & Olufsen will vertically mount directly to the rear of BeoVision Avant 55, 75 & 85, BeoVision 11/10 or BeoPlay V1. It is the perfect replacement now that the Panasonic BBT-01 and Samsung ES7000 are hard t...
Price £80.00