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BeoSound Ouverture Wall brackets and Floor Stand

Wall bracket 2052 : HiFi Only

Wall bracket for BeoSound 3200 (all models from 1990 – 2012, see list below) is designed to mount the Hi-Fi unit (only) directly to the wall. The design allows for cables to pass to the Hi-Fi directly from the wall, from either side or from below to allow you to make an attractive installation. Designed for: BeoSound Ouverture BeoCenter 230...
Price £204.00

BeoSound 3200 : Floor Stand

Designed for: BeoSound Ouverture BeoCenter 2300 BeoCenter 2500 BeoSound 3000 BeoSound 3200 BeoSound 4000 Our floor stand for BeoSound 3200 has been designed to combine cable management and aesthetic beauty. The design is based on previous floor...
Price £444.00

WB 2500 Wall Plate

This replacement Wall Plate is designed to allow Bang & Olufsen System Bracket for BeoCenter 2500 and later variants, with BeoLab 2500 speakers to be attached to the wall. This Wall Plate is used as an addition to the Bang & Olufsen original System Bracket 2087 and will not mount your system to the wall unless you already have the...
Price £72.00