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  • Plate for PlayStation 5 - Bracket-p-PS5

    PlayStation 5

    We offer PlayStation 5 mounting solutions for all Bang & Olufsen Televisions mounted to a pole stand. We also have solutions for Beovision Harmony & Beovision Horizon. Our brackets are compatible with PS5 Console & PS5 Digital Edition. By mounting your PlayStation 5 at the rear of your Bang & Olufsen, you retain the beautiful appearance of your television.
    Information £52.40£150.00 Ex VAT
  • PlayStation 5 Wall Bracket

    Plate for PlayStation 5 is designed to be fixed directly to the wall and the console is screwed to the plate holding it securely in place. We have also included a hole to allow a Kensington Lock to be added if you need this (not included).
    Information £52.40 Ex VAT