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Returns & Payment to STBbrackets : Sykes Video Links

Returns & Refunds: STBbrackets accept product returns within 30 days of purchase. You should return the products to our address at 44 Mill Road enclosing a copy of the original invoice or your web order. Please tell us, within 30 days why you are returning the items. If you do not tell us within 30 days, we may not offer a refund.

We cannot accept returns of customised solutions or brackets that have been modified for your specific requirement.

Please contact us if you have a bracket return that you are unsure of, we are here to help.

Payments: All payments and invoices are in £ GBP. You can transfer money to our Company's bank account (details below) or you can pay with a credit card. Using a credit or debit card. Please telephone +44 1522 522400 or Email our accounts office with your Visa / MasterCard details if you would like to pay with your card. 

Bank name: NatWest Bank
Address: 225 High Street,

Account name: Sykes Video Links Ltd
Account number: 43595510
Sort code: 60-13-15

For international Bank transfers :
IBAN: GB94 NWBK 6013 1543 595510

Retail Users pay for products prior to dispatch using Worldpay. 

Bang & Olufsen Soldier

All payments are made in GBP £

The soldier in the photograph will be familiar to many Bang & Olufsen dealers. "Garder" by Kay Bojesen was designed in the 1942 and first produced in 1958. This hand painted beech toy, became a symbol of 'Danishness' and was used by many Bang & Olufsen stores through the 60's, 70's & 80's.  

Two sizes are still in production today, and available from Rosendahl stores, though you should really make your purchase at Billund airport en route to Struer?