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Accessories & Gaming

  • 19 Inch Rack Mount Sliding Tray

    The rack mount system is designed to allow custom installation mounting of Bang & Olufsen hardware into a 5U sliding tray, with an attractive aluminium front. Please read the datasheet for dimensions.
    Price £360.00
  • 2 Pin Electric Extension Cable

    Every Bang & Olufsen installation engineer should have this cable in his cable box. This 73cm extension cable is perfect when you need to extend a mains cable by a short amount. The cable has a male end and a female end.
    Price £5.50
  • Apple TV Wall Bracket with Bang & Olufsen

    Apple TV has become a popular accessory to Bang & Olufsen TVs and this bracket allows Apple TV to be mounted to the rear of all BeoVision and BeoCenter TVs
    Price £55.83
  • Beo 4 Remote Control Wall bracket

    Wall bracket for Beo 4 remote control. This wall bracket holds the remote control securely to the wall. The design allows the Bang & Olufsen logo to be seen when Beo 4 is in the remote control holder.
    Price £45.00
  • Beoconnect core wall bracket

    Beoconnect Core

    The updated version of the Beoconnect Core Plate is suitable for mounting on System 9, direct to the wall. When placing the Beoconnect Core on the rear of a Beovision Theatre please use the Beoconnect Theatre.
    Price £227.00
  • BeoSound Core

    We have a range of solutions to allow you to mount BeoSound Core onto the rear of a Bang & Olufsen TV or directly to the wall.
    Price £90.00
  • BeoVision 11 46 & 40 Network Link converter

    BeoVision 11 46 & 40 Network Link Converter

    The BeoLink Converter NL/ML : Network Link adapter 1790 can be incorporated into your installations using a range of plates which are part of System 9.
    Price £80.00
  • G Series Magnetic Installation Kit

    This set allows the TV to be spaced off the wall, making aligning the LG  G Panel and Beosound Theatre easier, and more attractive.
    Price £200.00
  • Philips BDP3290 Blu-ray with Bang & Olufsen

    Philips BDP3290 Blu-ray with Bang & Olufsen

    Philips BDP3290 ( & BDP3210) Bluray player for Bang & Olufsen will vertically mount directly to the rear of BeoVision Eclipse, BeoVision Horizon, BeoVision Avant,  BeoVision 14 / 11 / 10.
    Price £80.00
  • Plate for PlayStation 5 - Bracket-p-PS5

    PlayStation 5

    We offer PlayStation 5 mounting solutions for all Bang & Olufsen Televisions mounted to a pole stand. We also have solutions for Beovision Harmony & Beovision Horizon. Our brackets are compatible with PS5 Console & PS5 Digital Edition. By mounting your PlayStation 5 at the rear of your Bang & Olufsen, you retain the beautiful appearance of your television.
    Price £217.50
  • PUC IR transmitter

    Sold in bags of 10 pieces, this is a must have accessory for Bang & Olufsen service or installation engineers. Designed to be placed over the standard IR transmitter, this cover will prevent the problem of the IR transmitter falling off 3rd party boxes and causing a "fault" within the B&O installation.
    Price £62.50
  • Xbox One S for Bang & Olufsen

    The Xbox One S supports 4K video playback from streaming services Netflix and Amazon, and it also has a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player built-in. STB have made this device compatible with System 9, so you can mount Xbox One S to the current Bang & Olufsen TV range and some of the older B&O TVs too. The player can be vertically mounted and operates using the PUC codes for Xbox One
    Price £80.00