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BeoVision Horizon

  • BeoVision Horizon : Decoder solutions

    System 9 for BeoVision Horizon gives a large range of options for BeoVision Horizon 40" & 48". System 9 for Horizon is compatible with the original Bang & Olufsen Floor Stand, Wheel Stand and Easel Stand, plus the Rotating Table Stand from STBbrackets.
    Price £180.00
  • BeoVision Horizon : FSA 7-32

    Adapter to convert BeoVision 7 32 Motor Floor Stand (MFS) and Motor Table Stand (MTS) for use with BeoVision Horizon 40 & 48. This adapter is also designed for use with the stands for BeoVision / BeoCenter 6 26 - (4717, 4091, 4092 & 4098) & BeoVision 10 32 (4707).
    Price £135.00
  • BeoVision Horizon : FSA 7-40

    Adapter to convert BeoVision 7 40 Motor Floor Stand (MFS 4056 & 4041) and Motor Table Stand (MTS 4057) for use with BeoVision Horizon 40 & 48.
    Price £220.00
  • BeoVision Horizon : GYRO 20

    Gyro 20 for BeoVision Horizon. Maximum Rotation of 90 degrees to the Left and Right, from our advanced manual wall bracket. This elegant model is manufactured from solid natural finish, anodised aluminium offering the highest quality solution for your most demanding installations.
    Price £1,100.00
  • BeoVision Horizon : High Stand

    BeoVision Horizon High Stand is designed to allow BeoVision Horizon to be mounted in a high position. The stand is supplied complete with heavy base, aluminium cover plate, pole and TV mounting plate. There is no adjustment for Tilt, but rotation of the screen is possible upto 360 degrees.
    Price £1,208.33
  • BeoVision Horizon : Pull & Rotate

    Horizon Pull & Rotate Adapter Our BeoVision Horizon Adapter allows you to use an existing Pull & Rotate bracket installation, and replace the old tv with a Horizon 40" or 48". The wall bracket and pole are not supplied
    Price £210.00
  • BeoVision Horizon : Wall Bracket

    Horizon Wall BracketThis is the original Bang & Olufsen wall bracket type 4792. It is designed for all BeoVision Horizon 40 & 48. The wall bracket folds flat against the wall and can pull forwards to allow rotation of the TV screen to the left and right. When flat, the front of the cabinet is 112mm from the wall.
    Price £200.00
  • BeoVision Horizon: Floor Stand

    Horizon Rotating Floor Stand. This is the original Bang & Olufsen floor stand type 4791 for all BeoVision Horizon 40 & 48. The cast aluminium circular base measures 376mm diameter, with the top of 40" Horizon at 1016mm from the floor, and 48" Horizon measuring 1110mm.
    Price £300.00
  • BeoRemote One wall bracket

    BeoRemote One – Wall Bracket

    Wall bracket for BeoRemote One has been designed by STBbrackets in collaboration with the Bang & Olufsen product development team in Denmark. The design gives an elegant mounting option for BeoRemote One.
    Price £44.17
  • BeoVision Horizon: Table Stand

    Horizon Rotating Table Stand. This is a complete stand with the 376mm circular base. It allows you to mount Horizon 40" or 48" on top of your furniture. We supply all of the parts you need.
    Price £495.00