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BeoVision Horizon : Decoder solutions

System 9 for BeoVision Horizon gives a large range of options for BeoVision Horizon 40" & 48". System 9 for Horizon is compatible with the original Bang & Olufsen Floor Stand, Wheel Stand and Easel Stand, plus the Rotating Table Stand from STBbrackets. The solutions operate on the same principle as our range for Avant and share all the same components. Horizon uses a different clamp to the pole clamps used on Avant 55, 75 & 85.

If you mount Horizon with our High Stand, we offer pole mount solutions common to BeoVision 7, 10, 11, 12 & 14.

We also offer mounting solutions when you are wall mounting Horizon, but you do need to bring the TV forwards to create space behind the TV for the boxes you wish to mount.

The range of possible combinations is very large and so you should use the Product Configuration Tool to select the correct brackets for your application. Options include decoder boxes, Apple products and games consoles.

The images shows how solutions can be mounted to the rear of Horizon.