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  • Floor Stand for BeoSound Stage & LG TV

    20 Degree Turning Stand : All TV

    This stand is available for ANY TV (up to 25Kg) without a B&O speaker. It is also available for LG OLED TV with Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage speaker.
    Price £900.00
  • 360 degree Turning TV stand for Sonos Arc & Sonos Beam

    Our turning stand and turning table stand are compatible with Sony, LG, Samsung and many more. Designed for televisions with VESA mounting and maximum weight of 25Kg. You can mount your Sonos speaker directly to the stand and have rotation of the sound with the picture.
    Price £400.00
  • BeoLab 10 with BeoVision 7 Motor Floor Stand

    This bracket is designed to combine BeoLab 10 with BeoVision 7 32, 40 & 55 to produce a beautiful combination which many Bang & Olufsen dealers will instantly recognise as an iconic design
    Price £216.67
  • BeoLab 12 Wall Bracket

    This replacement wall bracket, sold as a pair, is designed to mount BeoLab 12 to the wall. It is compatible with all versions of BeoLab 12.
    Price £80.00
  • BeoLab 17 Wall Bracket

    Wall Bracket for BeoLab 17 is used when the speaker is mounted horizontally in a high position. The logo is presented correctly (not inverted) and is clearly readable.
    Price £180.00
  • BeoLab 3 : Floor Stand

    Sold as a pair for BeoLab 3. The STBbrackets floor stand for BeoLab 3 has been re-introduced to give these iconic speakers a floor mount option.
    Price £375.00
  • BeoLab 3 : Wall Bracket (x2)

    You are buying two wall brackets for mounting two speakers to the wall. BeoLab 3 wall brackets from STBbrackets are a faithful reproduction of the original bracket using original wall plates made by Bang & Olufsen. Cables can enter from above, below or directly through the wall
    Price £300.00
  • BeoLab 3000 / 4500 / 5000 Wall Brackets

    WB3000 has been introduced to meet a growing demand to mount Bang & Olufsen flat panel speakers to the wall. The bracket (sold as a pair) is a faithful reproduction of the original which was supplied with the speakers.
    Price £91.67
  • BeoLab 4000 : Wall Bracket Complete

    This is a complete wall bracket for BeoLab 4000 which includes the wall plate and the speaker bracket. The images show you which parts we are supplying.
    Price £50.00
  • BeoLab 4000 : Wall Plate only

    This is NOT a complete wall bracket. The images show you which parts we are supplying. This wall plate has been made available for installations where the original wall plate from the original Bang & Olufsen wall bracket has been lost, but the large part of the bracket is attached to the speaker
    Price £30.00
  • BeoLab 7 : Close wall bracket

    Latest version of the wall bracket for BeoLab 7 horizontal stereo speaker range from Bang & Olufsen. Position BeoLab 7.1, BeoLab 7.2 or BeoLab 7.6 close to the wall using this mount which has a 10mm space at the rear of the speaker to allow cables to pass from below, or, to the TV above.
    Price £125.00
  • BeoLab 7 : Table Mount

    BeoLab 7 TM Complete has been designed to give new life to this popular speaker. The Table Mount is supplied complete with the horizontal plate and screws
    Price £250.00