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VESA (the holes on the back of your TV)


The VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standard was developed to simplify the process of mounting monitors, TVs, and other displays. It defines a standard set of mounting hole patterns. The most common VESA sizes you’ll find are 200x200mm and 300x300mm.

For smaller TVs, typically those below 40 inches, the VESA 100x100mm standard is often used. Always check the TV’s specifications to confirm the VESA size.

You can usually find the VESA size on the specifications page when choosing a TV. If you’re ever unsure about the VESA size, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the information you need.

In some cases, we may ask for the “Q dimension” to ensure there’s enough room for a soundbar underneath the TV. We do our best to provide this information, but sometimes we may need you to measure the TV yourself.

Remember, the STB team is always here to help with any questions you may have.

If you need any further adjustments, let me know!

VESA Width
VESA Height
Q Dimension!

Upgrade Your Installation

BeoVision 7 Motor Floor Stand

Over the last 2 decades, the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision TV range has been at the forefront of TV design and presentation.  A large part of the utility and beauty of the TV has been the motor floor stand.  Allowing for a range of motion, placing the screen in front of the user at any angle.

From the BeoVision 7 32″ all the way to the BeoVision 14, the perfectly crafted aluminum floor stand was the perfect companion for the elegance of B&O televisions.

As lighter and thinner screens become more popular and more affordable STBbrackets has a range of products to bring new life to your Floor Stand.

Our range of VESA and soundbar conversion adapters allow for an in-place upgrade of your original installation. You can choose to keep your BeoLab 7 Speaker and connect your new screen with cables from Sounds Heavenly

You can also choose to upgrade your audio solution along with your screen with our BeoSound Stage adapter, the perfect companion for the LG C & G range. If you have an existing Sonos soundbar, you can keep this in your home theatre with one of our Sonos Arc, or Beam adapters, suitable for all of our VESA-compatible brackets and stands.

BeoVision Avant Motor Floor Stand

The BeoVision Avant Stand is one of the most universally adaptable stands that Bang & Olufsen have produced in recent years. Due to its impressive range of motion, and high weight, the stand can easily handle the weight of screen sizes up to 83″  with or without a speaker.

We have adapters for both the 55″ and 75/85″ versions of the stand. If you are in need of a replacement screen and would like to keep your stand, have a look at our range of conversion options or get in touch and we can help you find the right product.

Why Choose B&O?


Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is a renowned Danish company with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Known for its high-quality audio products and distinctive design, B&O has played a significant role in the evolution of consumer electronics. Here’s an overview of the company’s history:

Early Years

1925: Bang & Olufsen was founded by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen in the town of Struer, Denmark. The company initially focused on manufacturing radio components. The first product was the Eliminator, which allowed a radio to be powered directly from the mains electricity supply rather than using batteries, a significant innovation at the time.

Expansion and Innovation

1930s-1940s: B&O continued to develop and release a series of innovative radio products, earning a reputation for quality and reliability. During World War II, the company faced challenges, including the occupation of Denmark and the destruction of its factory by fire in 1945. However, B&O quickly rebuilt and resumed production.

Post-War Growth

1950s: The post-war era saw the introduction of the Beolit 39 radio, which featured a revolutionary design and became a symbol of modernism. This period also marked the company’s expansion into new product categories, including televisions and gramophones.

1960s: B&O solidified its reputation for design excellence with products like the Beolab 5000, a high-fidelity stereo system. The company’s collaboration with leading designers, including Jacob Jensen, began during this decade, setting the stage for future iconic designs.

Design and Technological Advancements

1970s: B&O’s commitment to design was further demonstrated with the introduction of the Beogram 4000 turntable, designed by Jacob Jensen. This product featured a tangential tracking tonearm, showcasing the company’s dedication to both form and function.

1980s: The Beosystem 10, an integrated audio system, and the Beovision 88 TV exemplified B&O’s blend of cutting-edge technology and striking design. The company also entered the personal audio market with products like the Beoplay headphones.

Digital Age and New Challenges

1990s: B&O embraced digital technology, launching products like the Beosound Ouverture, a sleek and modern audio system. Despite the shift towards digital, B&O maintained its focus on high-quality sound and aesthetic design.

2000s: The new millennium brought further innovations, including the Beovision 5, a plasma TV with an integrated sound system, and the Beosound 9000, a CD player with a unique visual and functional design. B&O also expanded into the automotive industry, providing high-end audio systems for luxury car brands.

Modern Era

2010s-Present: B&O continued to innovate with products like the Beolab 90, a state-of-the-art loudspeaker with advanced acoustic technologies, and the Beosound Edge, a minimalist wireless speaker. The company also embraced the rise of smart technology, integrating voice control and streaming capabilities into its products.

2020s: B&O remains committed to its core principles of quality, design, and innovation. The company continues to release products that blend advanced technology with elegant design, catering to a discerning global audience.


Bang & Olufsen’s legacy is one of relentless innovation, design excellence, and a commitment to providing exceptional audio-visual experiences. The company’s products are celebrated not only for their performance but also for their ability to enhance the aesthetic of any environment. As B&O moves forward, it remains dedicated to its founding principles, ensuring that each product is a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy.