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BeoVision Harmony 97, 88 & 83

  • BeoVision Harmony - Cover Plate

    BeoVision Harmony – Cover Plate

    When the speakers of BeoVision Harmony open, the customer enjoys a view to the wall behind. On some installations, the view of electrical fixtures and cables is not attractive and so we have made a 'cover plate' to allow cables and other items to be hidden.
    Price £250.00
  • BeoVision Harmony Gypsum Wall Plate

    This plate for BeoVision Harmony wall bracket is used on difficult installations where the B&O wall bracket cannot be used on its own
    Price £400.00
  • STB388 - Box mount for BeoVision Harmony

    Decoder Mount for BeoVision Harmony

    Mount decoders to the rear of Beovision Harmony with the most flexible solution STB has produced. STB388 is designed to mount boxes in a range of heights between 15 & 75mm. There is no limit to width of a single box and it is possible to mount a number of devices with a total width of 650mm.
    Price £225.00
  • Plate for PlayStation 5 - Bracket-p-PS5

    PlayStation 5

    We offer PlayStation 5 mounting solutions for all Bang & Olufsen Televisions mounted to a pole stand. We also have solutions for Beovision Harmony & Beovision Horizon. Our brackets are compatible with PS5 Console & PS5 Digital Edition. By mounting your PlayStation 5 at the rear of your Bang & Olufsen, you retain the beautiful appearance of your television.
    Price £217.50
  • Wall Bracket for BeoVision Harmony

    Wall bracket for BeoVision Harmony 97", 88" & 83" has been designed to allow installation of the TV to a wall with access to the connection panel. The TV can be pulled 450mm forwards and rotated. This will allow the engineer to access the rear of the TV where the installation can be made.
    Price £2,100.00
  • BeoRemote One wall bracket

    BeoRemote One – Wall Bracket

    Wall bracket for BeoRemote One has been designed by STBbrackets in collaboration with the Bang & Olufsen product development team in Denmark. The design gives an elegant mounting option for BeoRemote One.
    Price £44.17