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BeoSound 9000

  • BeoSound 9000 : Floor Stand Screw Pack

    The stand is NOT available. This product contains all the screws and fittings to fix a BeoSound 9000 to an existing stand.
    Price £28.33
  • BeoSound 9000 : Table Stand

    The STBbrackets table stand for all BeoSound 9000 is based on the design of discontinued Bang & Olufsen's stand 2053. Our Table Stand is designed to mount BeoSound 9000 vertically, exactly as shown in the images. The stand is supplied complete with screws and the adjustment key to allow correct adjustment of the CD mechanism.
    Price £241.66
  • BeoSound 9000 : Wall Bracket

    'BeoSound 9000 - Vertical Bracket - COMPLETE' is designed to extend the life of this iconic Bang & Olufsen classic. This reproduction is supplied complete with the aluminium Hifi plate, the wall plate and screw pack.
    Price £320.00
  • NEW Aluminium cover for BeoSound 9000 Floor Stand

    Round cover plate ONLY We have made a very limited production of this cover plate for Floor Stand 2065 - BeoSound 9000. We have made this part available because we have received requests from Bang & Olufsen dealers and also owners of this beautiful Bang & Olufsen music system.
    Price £250.00