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Stands and Brackets for Bang & Olufsen

In October 2009, Bang & Olufsen a/s officially recognised STBbrackets as designers and manufacturers of wall mounts and brackets, stating "STBbrackets have been making brackets complimentary to Bang & Olufsen since 1998. It has been recognised that STB supplement the stand programme and deliver excellent solutions to the distribution. These solutions give increased flexibility when dealing with customers' needs". 

STBbrackets and STBLUXE are owned by Sykes Video Links who have been in the television trade since 1969 and a Bang & Olufsen dealer since 1983. We produced our first Set Top Box bracket for BeoVision Avant in 1998 and so we have many years history as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of Brackets for Bang & Olufsen products. When you know our history, it is easy to understand how we design and develop innovative solutions for Bang & Olufsen products.

STBbrackets was borne out of necessity. Following the arrival of BeoVision Avant in 1996, came a problem: where to locate the satellite decoder box? Ever resourceful, and certainly inventive, Geoff Sykes devised a very simple solution in his workshop at the side of his home. A “BeoBracket” he called it, and, although we later renamed our products, a simple solution designed for our own customers here in Lincoln, would soon be used across the UK by other Bang & Olufsen dealers.

By 2000, the fourth version of the STB Avant digital decoder mount had been approved by the legal department in Struer for distribution to the dealership and "STBbrackets" were being fitted to Bang & Olufsen Avant TVs across Europe. Our bracket for BeoVision 5 was approved in 2002, and the rest is History. Today, STBbrackets and STBLUXE produce over 200 brackets, wall mounts, shelves, supports and accessories designed specifically for Bang & Olufsen owners and dealers. Whilst we export to over 50 countries worldwide, we remain at the end of the telephone if you wish to speak to us directly.

Back in 2013 we celebrated 30 years as a Bang & Olufsen store owner. We are very proud of our commitment and service to the B&O family and of our long history with the brand. 

We look forward to the challenges of the next 30 years……

Gavin Sykes
Managing Director