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Beosound Theatre Custom 83

  • ecoder mount Beosound Theatre

    Decoder mount Beosound Theatre

    Our decoder mount for Beosound Theatre SMI uses a new side arm and a new plate which attaches to the Beosound Theatre SMI (Screen Mount Interface) at the rear of the installation. Our decoder mount is compatible with all screen sizes and all TV models up to 77", and is designed to mount any box up to 70mm high
    Price £225.00
  • High Stand Beosound Theatre

    High Stand Beosound Theatre is designed for situations where the installation needs to be higher than the original Bang & Olufsen stand. The bottom of the TV picture is 1190mm from the floor, but this can be customized - see text below.
    Price £1,400.00
  • Beosound Theatre Manual Wall Bracket for 77″ and 83″

    Manual turning wall bracket for Beosound Theatre LG G-series 83 - Rotation Angle = 36° LG G-series 77 - Rotation Angle = 39° LG G-series 65 - Rotation Angle = 47° LG G-series 55 - Rotation Angle = 56° Heavy Duty twin pole design Uses Bang & Olufsen SMI type 1310800 Manual turning wall bracket Pull out and turn to Left...
    Price £1,125.00
  • BeoVision Avant Adapter for Beosound Theatre

    BeoVision Avant Adapter for Beosound Theatre

    Mounts Beosound Theatre to BeoVision Avant Motor Floor Stand Uses Bang & Olufsen SMI to mount TV screen All TVs up to 77" Also Custom 83" LG -G3 series Manual TV turn TV is 585mm from floor Beosound Theatre is mounted to your existing BeoVision Avant motor floor stand using our solution
    Price £354.17