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Wall Bracket for BeoVision Harmony 88

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BeoVision Harmony Pull & Rotate - Complete Wall Bracket 88 £2100.00   BUY 

BeoVision Harmony 88 Wall Bracket

Wall bracket for BeoVision Harmony 88" has been designed to allow installation of the 88" TV to a wall with access to the connection panel. The TV can be pulled 450mm forwards and rotated. This will allow the engineer to access the rear of the TV where the installation can be made. Once the cables are connected and the system has been tested, the TV can be pushed back towards the wall where it will be 'parked' back to the wall.

System upgrades, service and alterations can be easily made by pulling the system from the wall.

The data sheet indicates where the cables should exit the wall and that there should be 1.6meters of cable from the exit location, to the connection panel.

It is possible to mount decoder boxes and other accessories to the rear of Harmony 88" using STB-388 which is specially designed for 88" version.

This wall bracket is part of our Pull & Rotate range which we have been making since 2007.

The bracket and the telescopic mechanism of Harmony can be recess mounted into the wall if you want to make a smaller installation. Please request more information if you want to mount the bracket inside the wall.

If you have questions on this bracket or the installation, please contact us.