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...did you know..? At STB brackets we export 400 different Bang & Olufsen compatible brackets and accessories designed for  BeoPlay and Bang & Olufsen products and ship to more than 50 countries Worldwide!

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  • Vertical Bluray player available now !

    Vertical Bluray player available now !

    The Toshiba BDX6400 is available now! We have been awaiting the arrival of a vertical mounting Bluray. STB have brackets compatible with BeoVision 11 & BeoVision 10.

  • PlayStation 4 direct fix bracket

    PlayStation 4 direct fix bracket

    A simple addition to our range for the new PlayStation 4. This new solution allows you to directly fix to the rear of BeoVision 11 or BeoPlay V1. more

  • BeoLab 6000 wall bracket

    BeoLab 6000 wall bracket

    Our Wall Brackets for BeoLab6000 have been introduced to satisfy the demand for this popular speaker bracket which has now been terminated in Denmark.

  • BeoActive Cycling kit

    BeoActive Cycling kit

    Our BeoPlay cycling kit is an extremely visible communication tool for promoting the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay brand for members of the company and dealership who are physically active.

  • New Topaz Colour for BeoVision 12 65 NG

    New Topaz Colour for BeoVision 12 65 NG

    We have added Topaz to the range of colour options for the very popular LFS - Low Furniture Stand for BeoVision 12 65.

  • Floor stand for BeoSound 9000

    Floor stand for BeoSound 9000

    The STBbrackets floor stand for BeoSound 9000 is based on the design of Bang & Olufsen's discontinued floor stand 2065.

Wall brackets and stands for Bang & Olufsen

VirtualHome has been updated to include a Speaker and Audio room. This allows you to visually navigate directly to the mounting solution you need for your product. VirtualHome builds upon, and extends the function of our Product Configuration tool, allowing you to select more than 95% of our products in a simple, intuitive environment.

2013 was a record year for STB with the design and development of some excellent new solutions and brackets for the latest Bang & Olufsen Televisions : BeoVision 11BeoVision 12 65 NG and BeoPlay V1. We have also been right on target with solutions for the latest PUC control accessories including the latest Blu-ray players from Samsung and Panasonic. System 9 has been expanded with new plates and mounts including the recommended WiFi router EA-4500 from Cisco Systems.

We are delighted to have been able to work with Struer on the floor stand for BeoPlay A8 and we look forward to extending our stand offering during 2014 when we will resurrect the BeoCenter 1 High Floor Stand and offer this as a solution for BeoVision 10 and BeoVision 11.

The depth of our range for older B&O products has been strengthened by adding brackets for BeoSound 1, BeoSound 3000/3200, BeoGram turntables and BeoLab audio products which you will find in VirtualHome.