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Mounts and accessories for BeoVision Eclipse

BeoVision Eclipse Tilt Wall Bracket

Available 2nd October The Tilt Wall Bracket for BeoVision Eclipse is designed for 55" and 65" mounted to Gypsum walls or normal construction walls. The bracket offers adjustable tilt between vertical and downwards to 4°. There is a lock control which secures the angle and is also designed to give security when the bracket is used on a yacht...
Price £795.00

BeoVision Eclipse 9° Easel Stand

Available 2nd October Easel Stand for BeoVision Eclipse is designed to give a 9° angle for 55" and 65" screens. The visible front part is polished anodised aluminium with a black surface. At the rear, the stand is compatible with the original B&O cable covers and also with the STB mounting system for decoders, games consoles and Bluray pla...
Price £600.00

BeoVision Eclipse STB mounts

Brackets will ONLY be available from 2nd October Please use the Configuration Tool to select the correct brackets for your installation. Eclipse is compatible with STB System 9. Decoders, games consoles and Bluray can all be added to the rear of Eclipse using the modular system introduced by STB in 2007. The system is very flexible and allows yo...
Price £135.00

BeoVision Eclipse BluRay mount

Available 2nd October Our mounting bracket for Philips BDP3290 (also BDP3210 and BDP3215) is designed to position the Bluray player high on the rear of BeoVision Eclipse 55" and 65". The disc opening is to the side of the player, not the top. This allows easy access to the disc. This bracket is compatible with Bang & Olufsen's wall bracket, S...
Price £80.00