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Brackets and accessories for Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 55

BeoLab 10 with BeoVision 7 55

This bracket is designed to combine BeoLab 10 with BeoVision 7 55 2D & 3D, to produce a beautiful combination which many Bang & Olufsen dealers will instantly recognise as an iconic design. This black anodised adapter is designed for use with Vertical Floor Stand 4656. 10MS40 fixes to the standard BeoLab 7.4 speaker hanger...
Retail £145.00

BeoVision 7 55 : Pull & Rotate

Pull and Rotate wall mount for Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 55. This heavy duty version of the Pull and Rotate series allows forwards movement of the TV and rotation of the screen (and speaker). The TV can be pulled forward by 350mm from its closed position. Maximum rotation with a BeoLab 7.6 fitted is 33 degrees to the left and right. Whe...
Retail £1000.00

BeoVision 7 55 : Close LUXE

Beautifully engineered LUXE close wall bracket for Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 55. Manufactured from solid natural finish, anodised aluminium, this bracket is the highest quality solution, designed to minimise the distance that the Bang & Olufsen BV7 55" is located from the wall. This should be specified when there is limited sp...
Retail £400.00

System 9 - Decoder, accessory and Blu-ray mounting

System 9 System 9 uses a clamp and plate to mount equipment to the Bang & Olufsen TV stand pole. Use the Product Configuration Tool to help select the correct brackets for your installation. Clamps: Bracket-c-1 Silver clamp for stands with a 55mm pole: Bracket-c...
Retail £120.00