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Dealer Information – how to use your account

Urgent Orders : Order via this website if your order is urgent. It is the best and fastest way to place your order.

Where is my Order : You can track your orders here from your account page.

Account Statement & Order Delays : If your account is overdue or the delivery charge is not paid, we will send you an email to inform you that payment is required before we can send your brackets. You can view and print a ‘live’ statement from your account page. The fastest way to pay your account is with the use of a credit card or a debit card. Telephone us and we will help to get your order shipped to you on the same day.

Order & Invoice History : To view your order history and print your invoices select the Order tab from your account.

Display Prices & Dealer Prices: next to the language button at the top of the site, dealers will see a price button. This allows you to choose to display dealer prices, STB web prices or your own retail prices which include your own profit margin and local taxes.

Creating your own Prices : the option to create your own profit margin and select the correct tax rate for your country is found here in your account page.

Local Currency : The website can be set to display various currencies from your account page.

Delivery addresses : if you have more than one delivery address, maybe for a warehouse or service department, you can add four locations to your account.

Edit Account details : If you are reading this page, you must be logged in to your account! To change your Username, Password, and other account details you should select account.

Adding a reference to your order : You must add reference to your order. This will allow you to identify your brackets at a later date. If you wish to leave special instructions to the STB packing team, a box is provided on the checkout page.

New Account : If you have opened a new Bang & Olufsen account, or a new service agent, you should email us and request a new dealer account. You will be asked to supply all of your contact information and verify that you are an authorised company operating as a Bang & Olufsen agent. We will progress your account application within 48 hours.