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Beosound Theatre Manual Wall Bracket for 77 & Custom 83

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Beosound Theatre 77 & 83 - Wall Bracket Pull & Rotate £1350.00   BUY 
Beosound Theatre - P&R Adapter 77 & 83 £720.00   BUY 
Beosound Theatre - Decoder Mount £150.00   BUY 

Beosound Theatre Manual Wall Bracket for 77 and Custom 83

Manual turning wall bracket for Beosound Theatre

  • LG G-series 83 - Rotation Angle = 36°
  • LG G-series 77 - Rotation Angle = 39°
  • LG G-series 65 - Rotation Angle = 47°
  • LG G-series 55 - Rotation Angle = 56°
  • Heavy Duty twin pole design
  • Uses Bang & Olufsen SMI type 1310800
  • Manual turning wall bracket
  • Pull out and turn to Left & Right
  • Compatible with STB's decoder mount 

This heavy duty manual turning wall bracket is designed to give maximum rotation for 77 & Custom 83 LG G series screens with Beosound Theatre. It can also be used with 65 and 55 to give more rotation than our standard bracket.

Because the bracket uses the Bang & Olufsen Screen Mount Interface (SMI) type 1310800, the screen can to be perfectly positioned over Beosound Theatre. The SMI is NOT supplied by STBbrackets.

The pull out facility gives several benefits to the user and the installation engineer:

  • Easy to install and connect cables
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to add new devices to the rear 
  • Compatible with STB decoder mount system
  • In some design installations, Theatre and the screen will be pushed back into a hole in the wall and become integrated within the wall.

When the screen is correctly positioned over Beosound Theatre using the Bang & Olufsen SMI, the TV screen will be 194mm from the wall and can be pulled forwards to 585mm before turning to the left or right.

Beosound Theatre - P&R Adapter 77 & 83
If your customer has an existing installation with a large Pull & Rotate bracket (720mm high wall plate), we can adapt this older bracket for use with Beosound Theatre 77 or 83. If required, you can also mount 65 or 55 Theatre using this adapter. The features, dimensions and the description above are correct with the adapter.

Decoder mount
It is often a requirement to mount decoders, routers and other devices to the rear of TV systems. Beosound Theatre - Decoder Mount has been specially designed to mount a decoder / router / accessory box at the rear. It is possible to mount one box to each side of the SMI as shown in the images. A decoder 70mm deep can be installed when Theatre is pushed back to the wall, If you have a larger box to mount, the TV will be pulled forwards.

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