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BeoSound Stage Table Mount, Stands and Wall Brackets

BeoSound Stage - Low Table Stand

Low Table Stand is designed to position BeoSound Stage vertically as shown in the images. When used with the Bang & Olufsen cable connection cover supplied with Stage, the cables exit invisibly at the back of the speaker. Rubber feet mounted at each end of the speaker, are included to give protection and mechanical isolation from the mountin...
Price £100.00

BeoSound Stage - Stand Mounts

Our mounts for BeoSound Stage are designed to allow Stage to be attached to the Bang & Olufsen TV stand used on all BeoVision since BeoVision 6 26. The flexible clamp mounts are designed to allow the height of the speaker to be adjusted to any height on the pole(s). This allows you to give your customer the aesthetic they are happy with using...
Price £260.00

BeoSound Stage - Floor Stand

Floor Stand for BeoSound Stage has been designed to allow Stage to be freely mounted anywhere in the home. The cables pass through the pole and invisibly into the rear of the speaker giving an attractive presentation. The aluminium base measures 290mm in diameter. The height to the top of BeoSound Stage is 590mm
Price £350.00