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BeoVision Harmony

PlayStation 5

Please use the Product Configurator tool to select the correct items to attach your accessories. We offer PlayStation 5 mounting solutions for all Bang & Olufsen Televisions mounted to a pole stand. We also have solutions for Beovision Harmony & Beovision Horizon. Our brackets are compatible with PS5 Console & PS5 Digital Edition. By...
Price £96.00

Accessory boxes for BeoVision Harmony

STB388 is designed for all Screen sizes: Harmony with LG OLED Z seriesHarmony with LG OLED G seriesHarmony with LG OLED C series STB388 is designed to mount boxes in a range of heights between 15 & 75mm. For Wall Bracket and Floor Stand Mount decoders to the rear of Beovision Harmony with the most flexible solution STB has produced. STB388...
Price £270.00

BeoVision Harmony Gypsum Wall Plate

This plate for BeoVision Harmony wall bracket is used on difficult installations where the B&O wall bracket cannot be used on its own. It is the perfect addition when a partition wall is made of vertical wood supports and plaster. It is also a good solution on a poor quality conventional wall where additional fixing points are needed for safe...
Price £480.00

Harmony Cover Plate

Designed for the fixed floor stand and also for the motor floor stand. When the speakers of BeoVision Harmony open, the customer enjoys a view to the wall behind. On some installations, the view of electrical fixtures and cables is not attractive and so we have made a 'cover plate' to allow cables and other items to be hidden. Can NOT be used wit...
Price £300.00