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Beovision Contour 48 & 55

Beovision Contour - Decoder Mounts

The STB mounting system is compatible with the Floor Stand and the Table Stand for BeoVision Contour. At STB we have been mounting decoder boxes and other devices behind Bang & Olufsen TV since 1998, the range of devices that can be mounted is detailed in the Configuration tool.

BeoVision Contour : FSA 7-32

Adapter to convert BeoVision 7 32 Motor Floor Stand (MFS 4091) and BeoVision 6 26 Motor Floor Stand (4098) for use with BeoVision Contour. The 70 degree turn function is manual. There is no tilt adjustment. The mounting plate replaces the TV fixing on the original stand and is screwed directly to the rear of Contour. Because the original BeoVi...
Price £282.00

BeoVision Contour : FSA 7-40

Adapter for existing BeoVision 7 40 Stand Beovision Contour 48 & 55 70 Degree manual turn Vertical Screen Optional decoder and accessory box mount at the rear Adapter to convert BeoVision 7 40 Motor Floor Stand (MFS 4056 & 4041) for use with BeoVision Contour 48 & 55. The 70 degree turn function is manual. There is no tilt ad...
Price £312.00

Beovision Contour : GYRO 180 Wall Bracket

GYRO turning wall bracket for Beovision Contour 180 degree rotation with Contour 48" & 55" Hidden wall fixing plate Solid aluminium Bearing joints OPTION: adapter to upgrade older GYRO Maximum Rotation of 90 degrees to the Left and Right from our advanced manual wall bracket for Beovision Contour 48". This elegant model is manufactur...
Price £1422.00

BeoVision Contour : High Stand

High Stand – For BeoVision ContourHigh Stand is designed to allow BeoVision Contour to be mounted in a high position. The Screen is fixed in a vertical position and can be manually turned through 360 degrees. This high position and adjustable screen rotation, allows Contour to be located in a range of positions in the home. Cables can be hidd...
Price £1740.00