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BeoLab 3 Wall bracket & Floor Stand

BeoLab 3 : Floor Stand

Sold as a pair for BeoLab 3. The STBbrackets floor stand for BeoLab 3 has been re-introduced to give these iconic speakers a floor mount option. The polished aluminium pole is 600mm long, placing the top of the speaker at 825mm from the floor. Cables can be passed internally within the pole which sits above a matt anodised aluminium disc.
Price £450.00

BeoLab 3 : Wall Bracket (x2)

You are buying two wall brackets for mounting two speakers to the wall. BeoLab 3 wall brackets from STBbrackets are a faithful reproduction of the original bracket using original wall plates made by Bang & Olufsen. Cables can enter from above, below or directly through the wall. When Bang & Olufsen designed BeoLab 3, they allowed the spe...
Price £360.00