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BeoVision 10 40 & 46 : brackets and accessories

Philips BDP3290 Blu-ray with Bang & Olufsen

Philips BDP3290 ( & BDP3210) Bluray player for Bang & Olufsen will vertically mount directly to the rear of BeoVision Eclipse, BeoVision Horizon, BeoVision Avant, BeoVision 14 / 11 / 10. The configuration tool will select the correct brackets for your installation. The player can be vertically mounted and operates using the PUC codes for...
Price £80.00

BeoVision 10 : High Stand

High Stand for BeoVision 10 40” and 46”High Stand is designed to allow BeoVision 10 40 & 46 to be mounted in a high position. The stand is supplied complete with heavy base, aluminium cover plate, pole and TV mounting plate. There is no adjustment for Tilt. The screen can be rotated upto 360 degrees. BeoVision 10 40 : The High Stan...
Price £1450.00

BeoVision 10 : Floor stand

Our basic floor stand is designed for BeoVision 10 40 and BeoVision 10 46. There is no ability to rotate the screen or to tilt the screen from vertical. The black support pole is 100% compatible with System 9 and this allows you to use our Configuration Tool to select the correct bracket solutions for your needs. You can therefore mount decoders,...
Price £320.00

BeoVision 14 55 & 11 55 : GYRO 14

This elegant model is manufactured from solid natural finish, anodised aluminium offering the highest quality solution for your most demanding installations. Bracket movement allows rotation from the double arm mechanism, turning the TV by up to 90 degrees to the left and the right (65 degrees for BV14 55 & 11 55). There is tilt adjustment upw...
Price £1100.00

BeoVision 10 : Pull & Rotate

Pull and Rotate wall mount for Bang & Olufsen LCD BeoVision 10 40 & 46. This unique wall bracket allows the LCD display to be pulled from the wall and rotated to either the left or the right. It is therefore possible for the TV to be positioned (or parked) in the corner of a room and then adjusted manually for the optimum viewing angle....
Price £740.00

BeoVision 10 : Close Wall Bracket

BV10 Close has been designed to allow you to mount BeoVision 10 40 & BeoVision 10 46 to a gypsum dry wall or a wall that is not of solid construction. We have incorporated fixings to line up with 300mm, 400mm, 620mm, 16" and 24" vertical fixing points within a hollow wall. As an extra feature, you can slide the bracket sideways alo...
Price £216.00

BeoVision 10 with Samsung Blu-ray

We have designed a range of options for Samsung Blu-ray players BD-P4600, BD-C7500, BD-D7500 & BD-ES7000. These players are very slim and can also be operated with Beo4, Beo5 and Beo6 using PUC codes. To select the correct brackets for your BeoVision 10, we recommmend that you use our Product Configuration tool. BD-ES7000 : Rear of B...
Price £80.00

System 9 - Decoder, accessory and Blu-ray mounting for BeoVision 14, 11 & 10

System 9 for BeoVision 10, BeoVision 11 & BeoVision 14 gives a large range of options for BeoVision 10 32", 40", 46", BeoVision 11 40", 46", 55", BeoVision 14 40" & 55". As a standard feature, System 9 is compatible with all Bang & Olufsen original motor stands, and also the Easel Stands introduced in late 2011. System 9 is also compat...
Price £80.00

BeoVision 10 : Ceiling Mount

Our ceiling mounts for BeoVision 10 32, 40 & 46 offers a beautiful and very flexible mounting solution for bedroom and kitchen viewing. The TV can rotate through 360 degrees and the screen can tilt down from vertical, up to 15 degrees. This ceiling mount gives more flexibility than has been possible with our wall mounting brackets. The...
Price £605.00