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BeoVision Eclipse Wall Bracket with Tilt and Lock

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Eclipse 65 Tilt Wall Bracket - for BeoVision Eclipse 65 £795.00   BUY 
Eclipse 55 Tilt Wall Bracket - for BeoVision Eclipse 55 £795.00   BUY 

Close Wall Bracket for BeoVision Eclipse

The Tilt Wall Bracket for BeoVision Eclipse is designed for 55" and 65" mounted to Gypsum walls or normal construction walls.

The bracket offers adjustable tilt between vertical and downwards to 4°. There is a lock control which secures the angle and is also designed to give security when the bracket is used on a yacht or an electric lift.

The installation position allows 100mm of access from below for cable installation.

This wall bracket is supplied complete with original Bang & Olufsen end caps for the SoundCenter.

This bracket is also compatible with our bracket for BDP3290 Bluray player which is located behind the screen.